A journey of voluntary Apollo Silicone ambulances.


Operated for continual 60 days, our ambulances keep reaching through every corner of Saigon to save 2.489 F0 patients.


A journey of voluntary Apollo Silicone ambulances. 

After 4 months of social distancing, Saigon turns into “The new normal” status. This is also the end of the voluntary ambulance campaign to save time for other activities. We pass used ambulances for hospitals as the hope for noble actions will be continued in the future. This greatly supported the locals to prevent the Covid-19 pandemic.

Thanks for the sacrifice of “amateur ambulance drivers” - who are our office employees, factory workers and other drivers that leave behind their personal business to help Saigon overcome those hardest days.

Even though we stopped the free ambulances campaign, Apollo Silicone team is still aware of our charitable mission of connecting hearts and helping Vietnamese people who are in need. We sincerely thank our valued partners and customers for being with us in this campaign with the motto: “Give away what remains”.


“Sharing is caring- Together we overcome Covid-19”.



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