A warning letter from Apollo on fake silicon with poor quality in the market


Ho Chi Minh city, 7th July, 2017

Dear Customer

Currently, there are many cheap, poor-quality silicone brands, which are products originating from China with false information: the same source of raw materials with silicone Apollo. We affirm: APOLLO Silicone is a trademark of Quoc Huy Anh Joint Stock Company with exclusive imported raw materials from Dow Corning Group (USA) and Shinetsu (Japan). Besides Quoc Huy Anh, there is no other organization or individual in Vietnam allowed to import and trade this raw material source.

In addition, the price of silicone materials in the world has increased very high and there is a serious supply shortage at the same time. Therefore, many silicone brands in the market are reducing the quality of raw materials, replacing them with poor and inexpensive materials, or reducing the capacity of silicone bottles to reduce costs. This causes serious damage to the rights of customers.

We would like to announce to customers to note and be vigilant when buying goods.

Quoc Huy Anh corp sincerely thank customers who have always supported, cooperated, and maintained faith with the Silicone Apollo brand in the past.

Quoc Huy Anh Joint Stock Company

Chairman of the Board of Directors and General Director



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