Announcement of price increase of Apollo and Aposil products from May 3, 2021


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About price adjustment


Dear: Our Customers

Apollo Silicone Joint Stock Company sincerely thanks customers for cooperating with us for many years.

Faced with a shortage of raw materials, in addition to the sudden increase in input prices of raw materials and accessories, our company has tried to balance the source of raw materials to meet the needs of customers at the best possible price to support customers. However, under extremely heavy pressure according to the general trend of the world, it is impossible to predict the complicated volatile situation in the next period. We decided to increase the price of APOLLO and APOSIL product lines from May 3, 2021. Our company will support customers with 50% of the average sales/month (by item code) to apply for orders from April 27, 2021, based on the average sales of the first quarter of 2021. We hope this program partially helps customers. Some product codes are likely to be out of stock. Our sales department will inform you in detail to balance the goods.

We look forward to receiving the sympathy and understanding of customers at all levels about our reluctant price increase.

Thank you very much for your trust and support for APOLLO Silicone.

Best regards!

Ho Chi Minh City, July 27, 2021

APOLLO Silicone Joint Stock Company

Nguyen Thi Thu Hieu

Business Director

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