Bringing Apollo brand - VietBuild 2016’s main sponsor, to all customers


VIETBUILD - a prestigious International Fair Exhibition, is held annually in major cities throughout the country to show achievements in the Construction industry, Building materials, Real estate and Interior & Exterior decoration.

Participating in VIETBUILD International Fair Exhibition 2016 as the Main Sponsor, Quoc Huy Anh Company has shown the success and outstanding class of APOLLO Silicone brand in Vietnam market with large-scaled and impressively decorated booth no. 99-100-101-102-103-104. The booth was highlighted by featuring a huge Apollo silicone bottle icon and a series of Apollo silicone samples to attract visitors.

In addition to Apollo silicone products familiar to the domestic market such as A100, A200, A300, A500, A600, ect. The booth also introduced customers to Shinetsu brand products imported directly from the world's leading silicone manufacturer Shinetsu such as Shinetsu 456 LS, Shinetsu 556 LS,  Sealant 72N, Sealant 90N,...

These products contributed to diversifying kinds of products to meet the needs of customers in the market. Customers also experienced directly the durability of silicone through shot silicone samples. The booth attracted a lot of attention from customers with a professional and enthusiastic consulting team.

Beside being a product exhibition, the booth also welcomed the visit of familiar agents in the Northern market and in the province, which showed the strong relationship between Quoc Huy Anh and customers. One touch is a life of bonding.

After the exhibition, the General Manager and the guests had a friendly dinner at Crystal Jade Palace, a Chinese restaurant located on the premises of JW Marriott Hotel Hanoi. The space is luxurious, but the atmosphere between the CEO and customers is intimate and warm when sharing, exchanging and chatting about not only the direction, strategy in the future but the stories of very ordinary life also, which pulled people closer together.

The party ended for an exhibition day in Vietbuild, but was a mark for the moments of strengthening the relationship between Quoc Huy Anh and customers who love and trust him. Let the mind be mentally transmitted.

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