Delegates from Shinetsu corporation (Japan) visited and worked at Quoc Huy Anh corp.


On 20/7/2017, Mr. Ngo Quoc Cuong - Chairman of the Board of Director cum General Director at Quoc Huy Anh corp organised a solemn reception for delegates from Shinetsu corporation (Japan) at the head office.

During this visit, there were senior leaders of Shinetsu corporation: Mr. Susumu Ueno, Mr. Jun Hanmuro, Mr. Nozomu Koshi, Mr. Yusuke Kataoka, Mr. Patrick Ang. Leaders of two corporations had an intimate meeting that marked the new phase in the relationship between Shinetsu corp and Quoc Huy Anh corp. This meeting also set out the operation direction and the upcoming development/ cooperation plans for silicone products in the Vietnam market, especially the development of APOLLO Silicone brand.

The sustainable and completed cooperation between Shinetsu and Quoc Huy Anh corp in silicone product development and APOLLO Silicone brand are not considered as the success of Quoc Huy Anh corp but also build trust with those who consume APOLLO silicone products. This is extremely good in the current context, when low-quality silicone products, counterfeit goods from China are rampant in the market that confuse the contractor, consumers and businesses. Those fake products also make it harder for consumers to ensure the high quality of construction. To protect consumers from fake products and help them distinguish counterfeit goods, Quoc Huy Anh corp launched a media and customer care campaign with the message: “If your products are good, why have to fake APOLLO Silicone?”. Quoc Huy Anh corp hopes this campaign best supports our consumers and helps them make the widest purchasing. 

With the business philosophy: “Win - Win - Win”, Quoc Huy Anh corp affirms that the sustainable and long-term cooperation with Shinetsu will bring the best benefits to consumers and distributors, ourselves and Shinetsu corp. Hopefully with this goodwill, APOLLO Silicone contributes to the continual development of the national economy and increases FDI of Vietnam.

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