New Year Opening 2020


On January 10th, the day of the God of Wealth in the Year of the Metal Rat (February 3, 2020 of Solar Calendar), Quoc Huy Anh corporation jubilantly welcomed the new year with new energies and vitality to aim for new goals and successes in 2020.

After spending a long Tet holiday with family and relatives, each of QHA members has been re-energized and preparing for a very successful year with many new milestones to live up the expectations of the Board of Directors of the company. Everyone gathers together, sincerely praying for a new year full of success, convenience and luck.

Even in the midst of the raging nCov epidemic, the QHA corporation still gathered to exchange sincere and warm wishes, filled with affection and hope for each other, get ready for a new cycle. and upholding the Company's traditions - demonstrating solidarity in all circumstances, not only in times of prosperities but also in difficulties. This strength of solidarity, along with the good luck and fortune brought by the God of Wealth, will surely light up the way for Quoc Huy Anh's collective to new victories in the Year of the Metal Rat.

Wishing all customers, distributors, domestic and foreign partners of QHA Company a New Year of peace, prosperity and may all your wishes get fulfilled!!

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