Notice how to identify genuine Apollo Silicone products


Because of the current situation, some counterfeiters are offering silicone products with the same design, shape, size and product information as genuine Apollo Silicone products, with the introduction "Apollo Silicone Type 2". We confirm this is completely fake information!

Apollo Silicone would like to send to our customers how to defect the counterfeits:

  1. Randomly check a few products in any box by scanning the QR code on the bottle. The results will be displayed on the “Genuine” screen or a warning “Not genuine”.
  2. Genuine APOLLO Silicone products have a maximum number of QR code scans of 05 times. In case of more than 05 scans, the device will warn that the product is not genuine.
  3. If printing color is abnormal, the shape of the QR code on the bottle is not sharp or the product quality has problems, all of which are not genuine.

Any "not genuine" warning when scanning the QR code or noticing an abnormality in Apollo products, please contact 0392.16.77.99 for timely instructions.

notice how to identify genuine apollo silicone products

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