PaperOne and all customers are connected with millions of hearts; Join hands to prevent Covid-19


Announcement no: 2005/2021/TB-PO

Ho Chi Minh City, 20th May 2021


(Regarding Customer Services)

To: Our valued customers

Quoc Huy Anh Corp kindly wishes our valued customers all health to remain the business activities and prevent the infection of COVID-19.

Due to our philosophy, Quoc Huy Anh Corp always prioritises "Conscientiousness". During the pandemic, all prices have rapidly gone up, which negatively influences the business of many enterprises. Nevertheless, Quoc Huy Anh Corp still goes the extra mile to best support our customers. To share the difficulties, Quoc Huy Anh Corp uses a part of our budget to facilitate our customers with COVID-19 prevention such as masks, sanitisers,... Below are the details:

  • Programme 1: Support 6,000 dong/ box (minus directly on each order). Apply for code: PaperOne, Zap. (A3 = A4*2)
  • Programme 2: Buy 100 boxes, give away 1 PaperOne raincoat. Apply for PaperOne, Zap, Ixora, Copy Laser, Perfect Print, Excellent copy, IT Lazer, BMO, PP Lite (A3= A4*2)

The limited number of gifts, first come, first serve.

Applicable time: Order and deliver from 20/5/2021 to 10/6/2021

Target: agent system

We hope that this policy partly shares the difficulties and helps our agents overcome the pandemic's impacts. Together with Quoc Huy Anh Corp, we "connect millions of hearts" to sustain the business activities and join hands to prevent the COVID-19 pandemic.

Best Regards.

Quoc Huy Anh Corp

Chief of Executive Officer


Nguyen Thi Thu Hieu


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