Pioneering in CSR actions for the community.


In order to meet the urgent demand of medical equipment, Apollo Silicone immediately prepared and shipped 60,000 protection uniforms with 10 million facial masks from the South side to the Ministry of Health in the North side on 23/04/2020.

Pioneering in CSR actions for the community

The joint donation activity has been promoted by Apollo and Sumikura and a group of member companies in many localities and provinces across the country, as well as expatriates and the government in Berlin, Federal Republic of Germany.

Pioneering in CSR actions for the community Up to now, the total budget of Apollo silicone and member companies for COVID-19 prevention activities reaches 30 billion dong. What is more, Apollo Silicone will have more actions to show the CSR of Quoc Huy Anh corp and Apollo Silicone.

Pioneering in CSR actions for the community

In addition to social activities to raise the awareness of caring for the community, Apollo Silicone spares the budget of more than ten billion dong for customer care, support partners, distributors with practical solutions. Support activities for the customer system during pandemic follow the principle of co-integration and sustainable development of Quoc Huy Anh established since the early days of operation.

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