“Price increases” are the two most mentioned words in Quarter 1/2019.


“Price increases” are the two most mentioned words in Quarter 1/2019.

After Lunar new year 2019, the construction market is gloomy about purchasing while many enterprises announced to increase the price of construction materials such as the average price of Steel increased by 1,000 VND / kg; Cement increased from 30,000 VND - 50,000 VND / ton. The cause of price increase is due to increased input production costs and increasing consumption demand as it is entering the peak of construction season; consumption of steel and many types of construction materials increased more than 20% compared to the previous month. Although the price has increased but it is generally still low compared to the same period many years ago, convenient for people in housing construction. In addition, the increase in electricity prices from 1/3/2019 also affects the price increase in bulk.

This is general trend of suppliers and producers of construction materials globally when the supply of raw materials is limited. There may be fluctuations in price and output of inoculants from Silicone as in the past year.


Not surprisingly, the real estate market, construction in 2018 is a bumpy ride, it started smoothly at the beginning of the year but faced many difficulties at the end of the year. Will this trend continue in 2019? Experts predict the absorption rate of real estate projects in 2019 will be higher than 2018. The demand for purchasing and investing projects is still at the highest level, in the apartment segment, which still plays a key role in big cities and land areas that play a key role in satellite provinces and cities.


Particularly for the APOLLO Silicone brand; With its prestige and scale, Quoc Huy Anh corporation and their strategic partners ensure stability for domestic customers in the near future. This not only demonstrates the commitment of customers to our company, but also the affirmation of the level of APOLLO Silicone - Something lasts forever.
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