"Where is in need, there is apollo"


Although the business is affected by Covid-19, Apollo Silicone is striving to overcome difficulties and join hands to help improve living conditions and medical examination and treatment in the current key epidemic areas of Ho Chi Minh City, which has been suffering the dramatical influence of the COVID-19 pandemic.

"One horse hurt, all ship stop eating grass"; as an enterprise located in District 3, we understand the difficulties of the authorities of the District and the people in the face of uncertainties caused by Covid-19. In this volunteer journey "Spread love to against the epidemic", our "Volunteer Team" has come to the District 3 Labor Union to help people and the frontline against the epidemic in the area.

Our "Volunteer Team" continues our journey to spread love against the epidemic with the motto "Where is in need, there is Apollo."

District 3 currently has more than 1000 cases of F0; Ward 4 alone is the heaviest with more than 500 cases in 22 areas under lockdown. Teams of doctors, nurses, volunteers, and many other functional forces are non-stop, working day and night to ensure security and order and help people in blocked areas, especially F0 cases who are self-treating at home. The District 3 Labor Confederation is also the place to receive donations and medical equipment, food, cash... from the Fatherland Front and redistribute it to the frontline forces in the district.

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