About storing and preserving silicone products in hot weather



(About storing and preserving silicone products in hot weather)

To: Customers

Quoc Huy Anh corp would like to thank you for the customers who have always supported and cooperated with us in the past.

In present, the weather in the whole country is entering the peak of the hot and sunny period, temperatures above 40 degrees Celsius. To ensure product quality is not affected as well as limiting the problems that may occur when preserving the product does not meet the technical requirements recommended by the manufacturer. We send this notice to note some requirements when storing, preserving Apollo/Dowsil silicone products, specifically as follows:
  • Unused products must be stored in dry places and stored at temperatures below 30 degree Celsius (for containers and foil products, which must be stored at temperatures below 27 degree Celsius), the humidity must not exceed 80 %. Avoid direct contact with sunlight and fire.
  • The product after use is not finished, it should be closed to avoid contact air to solidify silicone (dead glue) and should use the rest for about 10 days.
  • Not affected by external forces on the bottle, foil leads to warping, deformation, leakage and can not be used.

    Possible problems when storing, preserving and improper use

  • Silicone bottles with curing or bottling phenomenon, deformed, cracked, leaked, though still in use.
  • There is grain phenomenon (denatured by temperature), lumping, separating silicone oil.

We hope to receive your cooperation to ensure product quality as well as our brand reputation.

Best Regards,        

                                                               QUOC HUY ANH CORPORATION

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