Letter of CEO to all Quoc Huy Anh Staffs


Letter of CEO to all Quoc Huy Anh Staffs

Dear My Beloved QHA-ers !!!

Pandemic Covid-19, which outbreaks worldwide, has reversed all aspects of life and significantly affected the spirit, health and finance of all individuals and society.

Currently, calmly responding, preventing and overcoming the pandemic is a very difficult action. At the same time, stabilizing the business and taking good care of employees is a problem for each business.

I affirmed that with the business philosophy of "Tâm truyền tâm" and traditions of our business during 20 years of operation, the company's leadership will always take the best care for every employee, in accordance with views " Do not leave anyone behind "in this difficult period. Infected cases or other difficult circumstances will also be supported by the company!

At this time, the sense of responsibility of each employee is extremely important and is taken as the top rating criteria. We do not accept any subjective actions or lack of responsibilities.

I always believe in the responsibility and enthusiasm of all Quoc Huy Anh staff, especially the leadership team, management levels and core employees, long-term employees of the company. Let's calm down to evaluate the situation, comply with the regulations of the Ministry of Health to protect your health, family, company and community.

On the other hand, we will analyze and evaluate to resolve the entire business plan in 2020, and pledge to support customers through the application of new policies to improve the benefits of customers and agents. Due to the fact that not only does Quoc Huy Anh care about the company's interests, but we also hold the principle of sustainable development with our customers and partners. Besides, we always promote the responsibility of the business to the community and society! !!

In particular, the company will reduce the budget of marketing activities, do not hold a customer conference, do not participate in the annual fair, exhibition and cancel meetings as well as international trips. At the same time, we will mobilize resources and ask partners and friends for help to contribute their strength by both mental and financial support in the country's anti-epidemic!

Let us choose bright colors to draw a picture with the beauty of responsibility, love and kindness in this difficult period !!!

I'm always proud of you !!!

Berlin night, March 16, 2020.

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