New product: Aposil Premium ACID


To diversify users' choices and increase value for customers; Quoc Huy Anh Corp introduced an auxiliary product line of APOLLO SILICONE named APOSIL Premium ACID - An innovative product with superior features over the previous APOSIL ACID series, which were used by customers and users. Popular applications. We believe that adding a line of auxiliary products such as APOSIL Premium ACID will optimize the efficiency and construction value for customers that will outperform other product lines with an unclear corner source segment, unstable quality.

We launched a new product in the first month of this Year with the meaning: LOC - PHAT (prosperous) that Quoc Huy Anh Corp wants to send to customers and users all over the country. 

Please contact us for advice and support on this new product: 0988 889 635 (Southern) - 0988 889 638 (Northern)




New product: APOSIL Premium ACID

New product: APOSIL Premium ACID

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