Shin-Etsu invested 110 billion Yen (equivalent to 988 million USD) to promote silicone business development.


Shin-Etsu chemical corporation (Head office: Tokyo, President: Yasuhiko Saitoh) invested 110 billion Yen in silicone business service facilities, one of the core business of the corporation. The group will expand the production capacity of monome silicone - intermediate products of silicone and other silicone liquid, plastic and final rubber products at the head office in Japan and all over the world. We received lots of silicone production requests from customers all over the world, to meet their demand, we will conduct more investment. Through these investments, we will further strengthen our integrated manufacturing system and our ability to deliver various solutions to customers.

The investment will be made in phases over two years and a half period. The expansion of either silicone and monome silicone productions will be conducted parallelly. The estimated investment budget is estimated to be 50 billion Yen, mainly for monome production. Approximately 50 billion Yen for expansion of the final product production and 10 billion Yen for upgrading facilities and delivery process. The enhancement of monome silicone capacity is conducted in factories in Japan and Thailand. In addition to Japan, the expansion for final products will be conducted in factories of different six countries.

Based on customers’ needs and our prediction, the increase in silicone products demand will exceed the world’s GDP growth. Consequently, we will adapt and stabilise the development of silicone products. For Shin-Etsu chemical, developing silicone products is one of strategic business practices and in the future, we will strive to increase the value of silicone products. With the investment to enhance the production capacity, we will strive to improve our position in the market as the number one brand in silicone production all over the world.

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